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New Sponsors for 2014

We want to announce some of our new sponsors for 2014.


McHorter Motorsports We would like to welcome our title sponsor for the 2014:

McWhorter Motosports from Olympia, Washington

They are your source for everything quad and motorcycle related
Marylex Photography We'd like to welcome our official photographer: Mary Lex Photography

You can find them on the web at:


Entry Information

Click here for pre-registration information

2014 Hotel Information - Buffallo Bills Casino

Group code is SVS0409. Reservations 888-386-7867

Internet Reservations Reservations can also be made using the Primm Valley Resorts web site: http://www.primmvalleyresorts.com/buffalo-bills-accommodation

Enter the group code SVS0409 in the Offer Code, under Make a Reservation.

Anthony Hart Memorial Pro class 2014 update:

Tom Hart a man who has dedicated his time and money into motocross, FMX and Supermoto has had a passion for two wheels his whole life.

In a tragic accident and one that will never be forgotten in the Supermoto community, Tom’s Son Anthony Hart lost his life racing his motorcycle in a national supermoto event. The family was devastated.
Some people wouldn’t blame him for not wanting to be involved in racing ever again, but Tom knew how much his son loved the sport.

Tom has come forward to make sure the Pros and amateurs will come and enjoy one of the largest Supermoto events in the United States.

In the memory of Anthony, Tom has added money to the Anthony Hart Pro Class. We at Stateline Supermoto Challenge wanted to do whatever we could to keep Anthony’s memory alive. For the last four years we have renamed the Pro class the Anthony Hart Memorial Pro Class. WHR will keep that name as long as we have the race in Stateline. If you have a chance, say “thanks” to Pop Hart. The Anthony Hart Pro Class Purse will be $10k. That's right.  TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.

We will also be going back to the 1 heat and 1 main format.


1/30/2014: 2013 Stateline Challenge details April 10-13th 2014.

Thursday April 10: Private practice 12-4pm. Limited to 15 quads, 15 bikes. Alternate every 20 minutes. Pre reg REQUIRED $40.

Entry fees for 2014 are exact same as years previous.

Reservation code is posted above

Pre-reg will be open March 1 to April 1sth (midnight pst).

2013 Stateline Supermoto Challenge from John Sears on Vimeo.



4/20/2012: 2012 Stateline Challenge it's done!

We had another great event this year. Thanks to all the bike and quad riders for enduring the ever changing saturday conditions.

Some things we noticed about the event:

  • Attendance was slightly up from previous years
  • There was great racing in just about every single class
  • We had a great time putting on the event again
  • We are already starting on planning for 2013
  • The next event you you start planning on attending is Evel Kneivel days in Butte, MT. (take it to the streets baby!)
  • The results are now posted 2012 Results

3/1/2012: 2012 Stateline Challenge Update

It's been a month since our last update and we've been working hard on finalizing all our plans for how to put the best supermoto event on the planet together for you.  But now it's time for your part. 

Now is the time to set your grid position.  You can follow this link for pre-registration on the XTRM site. 

Also, our hotel reservation code expires on March 22nd.  If you don't use it before then, you most likely will have to pay a premium price for a room at Buffalo Bills. As a reminder, the Promo code is SES0410

In leiu of having supermoto schools, we have decided to offer a private practice on thursday afternoon from 12-4pm.  Cost is $40 per rider and we will limit the practice to the first 15 bikes and 15 quads to sign up.  These groups will alternate in 15 minute sessions between 12 and 4.  Sign up for this is on the XTRM site.

Precepts Motorsports have signed on with Dunlop tires to be a tire vendor for Stateline Challenge. Ryan Hoffman has been a vendor and a long time supporter of the Stateline Challenge and we are glad to see him back supporting Supermoto.

EBC will be paying contingencies again for both quad and bikes. Rocky Mountain is giving $10 gift cards to all participants on Saturday and Sunday one per individual. Moose, Sunstar and Scott will be giving out random product for the weekend.


2/1/2012: 2012 Stateline Challenge Details

Click here for pre-registration

Buffalo Bills Promo code: SES0410

Room Rates: Weds/Thurs: $29 Friday: $33 Saturday: $65 Sunday: $29

If you find a lower price on this same period, let us know. We have a guarantee that if a lower rate is found anywhere, everyone will benefit! If you have any trouble with the online hotel reservations, please call: 888-386-7867


1/22/2012: 2012 Stateline Challenge date is set! April 12-15th, 2012

You know, the whole end of the world thing happening in 2013?  Well, it's not the end of the supermoto world. We are keeping alive (and growing!) the biggest annual supermoto event in the US for it's 6th year!

The whole Stateline Challenge crew wants to welcome you to the 2012 Stateline Challenge at Buffallo Bills resort and casino.

 We've made even more improvements this year. The track layout will evolve from last year, and we have some great plans on how to make the dirt section even better than it's ever been before.

Daily schedule of events is set, so you know which classes are run on which days and in what order.

We will have pre-registration open on February 1st, and for those who wish to wait (and pay for friday practice) we will be taking credit cards on site. Remember, everyone who pre-registers get free friday practice.

On the hotel side of thing.  We have earlier cut off of hotel rates (March 22nd). Buffallo Bills will gurrantee the lowest rates based on our code. If you find a better rate, let us know and we can get EVERYONE a better rate (automatically!) YES automatically!!!

Room rates Weds/Thurs: $29 Friday: $33 Saturday: $65 Sunday: $29

And just to get you in the frame of mind here is a killer depiction of what happened last year:



2011 Stateline Challenge results

The 2011 Stateline Challenge crew had a blast putting on the event this year! Again we had some of the best racing around, great on track action, super sponsors, and it was great seeing all our friends and families again. We hope to see you all sooner, but be sure to plan for the 2013 Stateline Challenge.

Here are the official results from the 2011 Stateline Challenge:

Saturday's Results

Sunday's Results



12/28/2010 Updates:  2011 Event details

We are getting excited about the 2011 return of the largest Supermoto event to Bufallo Bills in Primm, NV April 7-10 2011.

Registration via XTRM will be open on February 1st -  March 28th.

More details to come soon.  We expect to have announcements about both Quad and Bike schools for the thursday before the event in the next couple days. 

The room code will be posted soon and expect the rates to be GOOD!

We are bringing back all the best of years past, and gonna "take it up a notch" this year. 



4/18/2010 Updates:  Post Event

First off, we want to thank all of you for attending.  We had a great time putting on the event and the riders from far and wide came to the event.

Here are the results for the event: Saturday classes  Sunday Classes

Some videos from 2010

Some videos from past events



2011 Stateline Challenge Pre-Entry Reminder

Click here to pre-enter.

Pre-Registration will open March 1, and close on April 1, 2014

Promote your company by reserving your spot today!

Click here to apply for the best view of the race!

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